Sports car brands

The world of sports cars is one filled with excitement, power, and adrenaline, and there are many legendary brands that have left an indelible mark on the automotive industry.

De Tomaso logo 2011-present

De Tomaso logo

De Tomaso logo De Tomaso logo The De Tomaso Modena SpA logo is a simple yet striking design that features a stylized letter “T” surrounded by a vertical rectangle. The letter “T” represents the last name of the company’s founder, Alejandro de Tomaso, while the circle symbolizes the company’s commitment to innovation and progress. The …

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Zagato logo present

Zagato logo

Zagato logo Zagato logo Zagato logo features a large, stylized letter “Z” with the word “Zagato” written on the top horizontal part of the letter and the word “Milano” on the bottom horizontal part of the letter. Zagato Brand Overview Founded 1919 Founder Ugo Zagato Headquarters Rho, Italy Official Website Zagato is an Italian …

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W Motors logo 2012-present

W Motors logo

W Motors logo W Motors logo The W Motors logo features a stylized letter “W” in a sleek and futuristic style. The “W” is formed by two parallel lines that curve outward and then sharply back inward to create a triangular shape. The lines are then connected at the top and bottom by a horizontal …

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Venturi logo 2013-present

Venturi logo

Venturi logo Venturi logo The Venturi Automobiles logo is a distinctive and recognizable design that reflects the company’s focus on innovation and luxury. The logo is oval in shape, with a red background and a gray outline. This gives the logo a bold and eye-catching appearance, making it easy to identify from a distance. Inside …

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Vector logo 1971-present

Vector logo

Vector logo Vector logo The Vector Motor logo consists of a horizontally-oriented triangle that points downwards. The triangle is colored in a shade of gray and has a smaller triangle inside it, colored in red. The smaller triangle is located towards the top of the larger triangle and is positioned at an angle, creating a …

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TVR logo 2017-present

TVR logo

TVR logo TVR logo The TVR logo is a simple and elegant design that has remained largely unchanged since it was first introduced. The logo consists of the letters “TVR” in bold, capital letters, with the letters separated by multiple horizontal lines. The letters themselves are quite thick, with rounded corners that give them a …

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Tramontana logo 2005-present

Tramontana logo

Tramontana logo Tramontana logo The Tramontana logo is a sleek and modern design that incorporates an infinity sign within an oval shape, with the company name “Tramontana” written below in bold letters. The oval shape of the logo represents a sense of unity and completeness, while the infinity sign within it represents the limitless possibilities …

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Spyker logo 1999-present

Spyker logo

Spyker logo Spyker logo The Spyker logo features a unique design that is instantly recognizable. The logo is circular and features a stylized airplane propeller with two blades that are set horizontally. The propeller blades are designed to resemble the letter “S” for Spyker, which is a clever way of incorporating the company’s name into …

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SSC logo 1998-present

SSC logo

SSC logo SSC logo The SSC logo features a modern and sleek design that reflects the company’s focus on high-performance and speed. The SSC logo is in the shape of a shield, which symbolizes strength, protection, and reliability. The inner part of the shield is divided into blue and white checkers, which are a nod …

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Saleen logo 1983-present

Saleen logo

Saleen logo Saleen logo The Saleen logo features a combination of vertical red stripes and a custom sans-serif wordmark. The stripes are positioned on a white or black background and are of varying lengths and widths, creating a unique and dynamic look. The stripes are arranged in a way that resembles a road, evoking a …

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