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1958 – as Bajaj Tempo Motors
2005 – as Force Motors


N.K. Firodia


Pune, Maharashtra, India

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Force Motors Ltd is an Indian car manufacturer that is known for producing commercial and utility vehicles. The company was founded in 1958 as Bajaj Tempo Motors, a joint venture between Bachraj Trading Ltd and Germany’s Tempo. In 2005, the company changed its name to Force Motors Ltd.

Force Motors has a wide range of products, including vans, pick-up trucks, ambulances, and buses. The company is India’s largest van maker and has a nationwide dealer presence. Force Motors is also completely vertically integrated, meaning it makes its own components for the entire product range.

Force History

Force Motors Ltd is an Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company based in Pune, India. The company has a rich history that dates back to 1958 when it was known as Bajaj Tempo Motors. It originated as a joint venture between Bachraj Trading Ltd and Germany’s Tempo, and the company is known for brands like Tempo, Matador, Minidor, and Traveller.

Over the last five decades, Force Motors has partnered with global manufacturers such as Daimler, ZF, Bosch, VW, Traton, and MAN. The company is completely vertically integrated, making its own components for the entire product range. Force Motors has a nationwide dealer presence and also exports to various countries in Africa, Latin America, SAARC and ASEAN countries, Gulf and Germany.

In 2005, Bajaj Tempo Motors was renamed as Force Motors, and since then, the company has focused on expanding its product range and market presence. Force Motors has been successful in diversifying its product portfolio and has a range of vehicles in different segments such as commercial vehicles, utility vehicles, and passenger vehicles.

Force Motors has a strong presence in the commercial vehicle segment, and its Traveller series of passenger vans is popular in India. The Traveller series includes the Traveller 26, which is a 26-seater minibus, and the Traveller 17, which is a 17-seater luxury minibus. The company has also introduced the Trax Cruiser and Toofan models in the utility vehicle segment, which are popular for their ruggedness and off-road capabilities.

In recent years, Force Motors has made a foray into the passenger vehicle segment with the launch of the Force One SUV. The Force One is a full-size SUV that was launched in 2011, and it is known for its spacious interior, off-road capabilities, and sturdy build quality. The company has also introduced the Gurkha, a rugged off-road SUV that is popular among off-road enthusiasts.

In conclusion, Force Motors has a long and rich history that spans over five decades. The company has successfully diversified its product portfolio and has a range of vehicles in different segments. Force Motors is a trusted name in the Indian automotive industry and is known for its ruggedness, durability, and off-road capabilities. With a strong dealer network and a growing international presence, Force Motors is poised for continued success in the years to come.

Tempo logo 1958-2005
Force Logo 2005-present
Force logo changes over the years
Tempo logo 1958-2005
Force logo 2005-present

Force logo Meaning

The Force Motors logo features an Blue circle. The blue circle contains a stylized letter “F” in blue. The word “Force” is written in bold blue letters below the circle, and the word “Motors” is written in black letters below “Force”. The font used for the words is simple and clean, which gives the logo a modern and sophisticated look.

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