European car brands

European car brands are known for their unique designs, high-quality engineering, and advanced technology.

Rimac logo 2022-present

Rimac logo

Rimac logo Rimac logo The logo of Rimac Automobili is a striking and modern design that reflects the company’s focus on advanced technology and high-performance electric cars. The logo features a shield shape with an integrated “R” in the center, which represents the Rimac brand. The “R” is designed to resemble a lightning bolt, which …

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Renault logo 2021-present

Renault logo

Renault logo Renault logo The Renault logo has undergone several changes over the years, but it has always featured the company’s initials in some form. The current Renault logo, which was introduced in 2021, features a sleek, minimalist design that represents the company’s commitment to innovation and modernity. The logo consists of two diamond shapes, …

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Porsche logo 1963-present

Porsche logo

Porsche logo Porsche logo The Porsche logo is one of the most recognizable car logos in the world. It consists of a black horse on a yellow shield with red and black stripes on either side. The logo has remained virtually unchanged since its inception in 1952, and its meaning goes back to the origin …

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Pininfarina logo 1930-present

Pininfarina logo

Pininfarina logo Pininfarina logo The Pininfarina logo features the name of the company with a unique stylized font. The letters are in a dark blue color, which is often associated with luxury and sophistication. The Pininfarina logo also features a vertical Rectangle with letter F, meaning the Farina last name of Founder. Overall, the Pininfarina …

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Peugeot logo 2021-present

Peugeot logo

Peugeot logo Peugeot logo Peugeot logo is one of the most recognizable automotive logos in the world. The lion is the centerpiece of the logo, and it has a rich history behind it. Let’s dive deeper into the meaning of the Peugeot logo. The Peugeot logo dates back to 1847, which makes it the oldest …

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Pagani logo 1992-present

Pagani logo

Pagani logo Pagani logo The Pagani logo is more than just a symbol; it represents the essence of the brand and its creator’s philosophy. The logo has remained unchanged since the company’s inception in 1992, and it features the full brand name, “PAGANI Automobili Modena,” in a silvery oval. The lettering is reduced and shifted …

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Opel logo 2020-present

Opel logo

Opel logo Opel logo The Opel logo is a striking and recognizable emblem that embodies the brand’s identity and values. It features a circular ring with a unique shape resembling a lightning bolt, which is laid out horizontally over the ring. The lightning bolt represents energy, dynamism, and forward-thinking, reflecting Opel’s commitment to innovation and …

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Noble logo 1999-present

Noble logo

Noble logo Noble logo The current version of the Noble Automotive logo features an oval shape with a black outer stroke line and a yellow background. Inside the oval, the word “Noble” is written in black uppercase letters, tilted to the right. On top of the oval shape, there is a small, stylized “NN”crown in …

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Morgan logo 2020-present

Morgan logo

Morgan logo Morgan logo The Morgan Motor Company logo is a distinctive emblem that reflects the company’s long and illustrious history. The emblem consists of a cross in the center, with wings on either side, and the word “Morgan” written across the center of the cross. The cross in the logo is known as the …

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Mini logo 2018-present

Mini logo

Mini logo Mini logo The Mini logo features a black circle with a thick black trim. Inside the circle, there is a white field. Inside the outline, there is the word “MINI” in all caps, in a stylized, sans-serif font. The word “MINI” is in the center of circle white field. Mini Brand Overview Founded …

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