German car brands

German car brands have gained a reputation for producing high-quality cars that are known for their performance, engineering, and reliability

BMW logo 2020-present

BMW logo

BMW logo BMW logo The BMW logo is a well-known symbol that represents the German automaker. The logo consists of a circle divided into four quadrants, with the letters “BMW” positioned diagonally across the quadrants. The circle itself represents a rotating propeller, a nod to BMW’s origins as an aircraft engine manufacturer. The blue and …

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Audi logo 2016-present

Audi logo

Audi logo Audi logo The Audi logo is one of the most recognizable and iconic logos in the automotive industry. The logo consists of four interlocking rings, which are arranged in a specific pattern. The rings are colored in silver on a black background, and are designed to convey a sense of strength, stability, and …

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Artega logo 2006-present

Artega logo

Artega logo Artega Logo The Artega logo is a unique and meaningful representation of the company’s connection to its hometown of Delbrück, Germany. The emblem is derived from the coat of arms of Delbrück, which features a black dog as the guardian deity, as well as a tree and rose hips, which are a specialty …

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