Korean car brands

Korean car brands are known for their innovative designs, cutting-edge technology, and impressive performance.

KG Mobility logo 2023-present

KG Mobility logo

KG Mobility logo KG Mobility logo KG Mobility logo features the company name in a deep shade of purple, evoking a sense of trust and reliability. The simplicity of the design represents KG Mobility’s focus on clarity and efficiency in all aspects of their business, while the boldness of the font underscores their determination to …

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Kia logo 2021-present

Kia logo

Kia logo Kia logo The old Kia logo featured a red oval with the word “Kia” in red letters. The new logo, on the other hand, just features the word “Kia” in a futuristic font. The old logo was more traditional and had a classic look to it, while the new logo is more streamlined …

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Hyundai logo 2011-present

Hyundai logo

Hyundai logo Hyundai logo The Hyundai logo is a stylized letter “H” inside an oval shape. The oval represents the global presence of the company, while the slanted “H” is meant to symbolize two individuals shaking hands, representing the trust and satisfaction between the company and its customers. The logo was originally designed in 1974 …

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Daewoo logo 2016-present

Daewoo logo

Daewoo logo Daewoo logo The Daewoo logo underwent several changes over the years, the old version features gushing stripes painted in purple and white, with small ovals on either side. The alternating colors and shapes are meant to symbolize energy and motion, suggesting that Daewoo’s cars were dynamic and powerful. The bold, sans-serif font used …

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