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Ruf Automobile GmbH is a German car manufacturer that manufactures and engineers original vehicles using unmarked Porsche chassis, specifically known as bodies in white. The cars are built from the ground up as completely new cars, using these bare chassis, and assembled using Ruf-made parts and materials (e.g. BTR, CTR2, RT12), instead of badge engineering or disassembly of existing cars. This means the company is officially recognized as a manufacturer by the German government. As such, all Ruf models have certified Ruf VIN and serial numbers, and are recognized as production models, rather than modified Porsches.

Ruf history

Ruf Automobile Gmbh is a German auto producer. Ruf vehicles are manufactured from unmarked Porsche suspension through which Ruf assembles their own particular free work. Since the work is so intensive, including the establishment of Ruf-made parts rather than insignia designing, the organization is perceived as a maker by the German government. Ruf is generally known for the CTR Yellowbird, and is the biggest, most eminent organization to make Porsche execution upgrades. Regularly, Ruf has likewise made a name for itself as an auto tuner and an authority in vintage rebuilding, including the reconstructing of excellent Ruf and Porsche autos. Ruf does administration and accident repair, also.

The organization was established in 1939 in Pfaffenhausen, Germany as “Auto Ruf” by Alois Ruf Sr. as an administration carport and was in the long run extended to incorporate a full-administration corner store in 1949. Ruf started trying different things with vehicle outlines of his own in the late 1940s, and in 1955 outlined and fabricated a visit transport, which he promoted around Germany. The positive reaction it got prompted Ruf growing his business again by beginning his own particular independently possessed transport organization.

Alois Sr’s. contribution in the auto business had an unique impact on his child, Alois Ruf Jr., who turned into a games auto lover. In 1960, Alois Jr. started overhauling and restoring Porsche vehicles out of his father’s carport. Taking after Alois Sr’s. passing in 1974, 24 year-old Alois Jr. took control of the business and concentrated on his energy: Porsche vehicles, and particularly the 911. After a year in 1975, the first Ruf-improved Porsche sprung up.

Ruf appeared their first finish display in 1977, a tuned adaptation of Porsche’s 930 with a stroked 3.3 liter engine. This was followed in 1978 by Ruf’s first finish non-turbo Porsche, the 911 SCR. It was a regularly suctioned 911 with a stroked 3.2 liter engine delivering 217 strength. Various client requests were put for this vehicle.

In the years since, the organization has made a real stamp on the auto world by delivering astoundingly capable and selective Porsche-based vehicles including the 1987 CTR, which set the record as the world’s speediest creation auto for now is the right time. Its successor, the Ctr2, was again perceived as one of the speediest street legitimate vehicles accessible anyplace on the planet.

In April 2007, Ruf discharged the new Ctr3 to commend the organization’s new plant in Bahrain and as a twentieth commemoration festival of the first CTR. In 2010 Geneva Motor Show, Ruf likewise showcased the RGT-8, the first creation V8-controlled 911 ever.

In February 2013, Genii Capital, holder of Lotus F1 Team, gained Ruf. Gerard Lopez has been delegated non-official executive of the board.

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RUF Logo - RUF Emblem - RUF Symbol
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RUF Logo - RUF Emblem - RUF Symbol
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