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Škoda Information

The Škoda Works were established as an arms manufacturer in 1859. ŠKODA AUTO (and its predecessors) is one of the five oldest companies producing cars and has an unbroken history alongside Daimler, Opel, Peugeot and Tatra.

Škoda history

Škoda Auto, all the more regularly known as Škoda, is a car maker situated in the Czech Republic. Škoda turned into a wholly possessed subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group in 2000, situated as the passage brand to the gathering.The Škoda Works were built as an arms assembling plant in 1859. Škoda Auto (and its antecedents) is one of the five most seasoned organizations processing autos and has an unbroken history (close by Tatra, Daimler, Opel and Peugeot). Its complete worldwide deals arrived at 939,200 autos in 2012.

The beginnings of what got to be Škoda Auto do a reversal to the early 1890s when, in the same way as other since a long time ago settled auto producers, an organization began assembling bikes. In 1894, 26-year-old Václav Klement, who was a bookseller in Mladá Boleslav, Bohemia (today’s Czech Republic, then some piece of Austria-Hungary), was unable to acquire extra parts to repair his German bike.

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Skoda Logo - Skoda Emblem - Skoda Symbol
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Skoda Logo - Skoda Emblem - Skoda Symbol
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