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UAZ is an automobile manufacturer based in Ulyanovsk, Russia, which manufactures off-road vehicles, buses and trucks. It has been part of the Sollers automotive group since 2000.
UAZ is best known for the UAZ-469 utility vehicle, which has seen wide use as a military vehicle in the Eastern bloc and around the world. The UAZ factory started production in 1941 as part of the Soviet war effort. 51,706 UAZ vehicles were produced in 2016.

UAZ history

UAZ is an initialism for Ulyanovsky Avtomobilny Zavod is a vehicles producer situated in Ulyanovsk, Russia which produces rough terrain vehicles, transports and trucks. It is best known for its Model 469 utility vehicle, which has seen wide use as a military vehicle in the Eastern alliance and around the globe. The UAZ manufacturing plant began handling in 1941 as a component of the Soviet war exertion.After the breakdown of Soviet Union, UAZ has begun feeling the hotness. On one hand, individuals were eager to purchase its autos because of its high notoriety; then again, most favored utilized foreign made rough terrain autos because of the absence of dependability of UAZ autos made in the 1990s. UAZ processed a somewhat adjusted variant of its unique UAZ-469 auto, UAZ Hunter, however the deals were all the while needing.

After the breakdown of the Soviet Union, UAZ accomplished numerous money related issues which brought about low quality control and expense cutting which brought about the creation of low quality UAZ autos contrasted with those made in Soviet times.

In 2004, the plant was purchased by the Severstal money related gathering, which made numerous ventures in the firm and had likewise purchased the ZMA auto plant in Naberezhnye Chelny.

In 2005, another SUV-like auto, UAZ Patriot, was divulged. Far reaching utilization of outsider parts (which at last permitted UAZ to supplant its famous transmission with a finer, Korean-fabricated one), vast limit, great rough terrain competencies and moderate cost (<15,000 USD) anticipate great deals in Russia. UAZ divulges another 4 entryway pickup truck.

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UAZ Logo - UAZ Emblem - UAZ Symbol
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UAZ Logo - UAZ Emblem - UAZ Symbol
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