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ZAZ or Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant is the main automobile manufacturer of Ukraine, based in the south-eastern city of Zaporizhia. It also produces buses and trucks and is known for its former parent company’s name, AvtoZAZ.

ZAZ history

ZAZ or Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant is the principle auto maker of Ukraine, situated in the south-eastern city of Zaporizhia. It is likewise known for its previous mother organization name, Avtozaz.

In 1975 the industrial facility was solidified in the Avtozaz holding, which was converted into business entity in 1990s. In 1986 ZAZ together with Comau introduced another creation complex. The Illichivsk manufacturing plant of auto parts (IZAA) in one of the greatest cargo ocean ports on Black Sea in Illichivsk got to be a piece of the Autozaz holding. More current front wheel drive autos are focused around model 1102 Tavria (1989–2007) and are fueled by a water cooled, front mounted Memz motor and fall into micro-class. On June 1, 1994 the production line stopped generation of its 968m model.

At the point when Avtozaz-Daewoo joint wander with Daewoo Motors was structured in 1998, ZAZ was doled out to the new organization as a half impart in the interest of Avtozaz. Daewoo Motors made huge speculations and built the creation of its own models, while keeping and modernizing the local ZAZ brand. CKD units of Daewoo Lanos began collecting that year in Illichivsk; in the meantime, CKD get together of various more seasoned VAZ models began.

Emulating the insolvency of Daewoo Motors in 2001, Ukravto organization purchased out Avtozaz holding in 2002. The greater part of the Avtozaz fabricating offices (most outstandingly, Memz and Illichivsk amassing plant) were reincorporated into ZAZ. The organization even received another logo. The Daewoo part in the joint wander was purchased out by Swiss wander Hirsch & CIE in 2003.

End of 2004 saw the start of full-scale creation of totally residential ZAZ Lanos (T150), now that CKD packs of Lanos were no more supplied. In 2006, ZAZ arrived at a concurrence with the Chinese producer Chery Automobile to amass traveler autos from packs and from 2011 began full-scale creation of the Chery A13 under it marker as ZAZ Forza. That year creation of the Chevrolet Aveo (T250) was moved from the FSO auto production line to ZAZ.

By Decree of the President of Ukraine, CJSC “ZAZ” representatives were remunerated with State recompenses of Ukraine in 2009.

In the first a large portion of 2012 ZAZ made 20,060 vehicles, a 30% decrease from the same period in 2011. In 2012 Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant began serial full-scale creation of new auto model – ZAZ Vida.

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Zaz Logo - Zaz Emblem - Zaz Symbol
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