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Farmtrac is a tractor manufacturer based in India that is known for producing high-quality tractors for sale in India and Poland. The company is a part of the Escorts Group, which is a leading conglomerate with diversified business interests in various sectors, including agri-machinery, construction equipment, and railway equipment.

The Escorts Group established the Farmtrac brand in 1996, in response to the loss of the Ford/New Holland license in India. Since then, the company has been manufacturing and selling tractors that are known for their durability, efficiency, and performance.

Farmtrac History

Farmtrac is a brand of tractors owned by Escorts Group, a leading Indian conglomerate with diversified business interests. Escorts Group entered the tractor business in 1960s and has since been a major player in the Indian agricultural machinery market. The Farmtrac brand was launched by Escorts in 1996, after the company lost the license to produce Ford/New Holland tractors in India.

Farmtrac tractors are manufactured in India by Escorts Agri, a subsidiary of Escorts Group. The tractors are sold in India and Poland, and are renowned for their durability, reliability, and ease of use. The Farmtrac brand is aimed at small and medium-sized farmers, who require efficient and cost-effective tractors to cultivate their lands.

Farmtrac tractors are available in a wide range of models, ranging from 22 HP to 80 HP. The company also offers a range of implements and attachments, including plows, harrows, cultivators, seeders, and rotavators, to help farmers with their agricultural needs. The tractors are equipped with advanced features such as power steering, advanced hydraulics, and ergonomic operator stations to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency for the farmers.

In addition to Farmtrac, Escorts Group also produces tractors under the Escort and Powertrac brands. The Escort brand is aimed at large-scale farmers and commercial operators, while the Powertrac brand is aimed at budget-conscious farmers who require reliable and efficient tractors at an affordable price.

Escorts Group is committed to sustainable and environmentally-friendly agriculture practices. The company has developed several initiatives to promote sustainable farming practices, including promoting crop diversification, reducing water usage, and promoting organic farming. The company is also actively involved in promoting agricultural education and research to help farmers improve their productivity and income.

In conclusion, Farmtrac is a reliable and cost-effective brand of tractors produced by Escorts Group. The brand has a long history of serving the needs of small and medium-sized farmers in India and Poland, and is known for its durability, reliability, and ease of use. With its advanced features and wide range of models, Farmtrac tractors are an excellent choice for farmers who require efficient and cost-effective agricultural machinery.

Farmtrac Logo 1996-present

Farmtrac logo 1996-present
Farmtrac logo 1996-present

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Farmtrac logo 1996-present
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