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The Arash Motor Company is a sports car manufacturer based in Newmarket, Suffolk, England. It was originally established by Arash Farboud as Farboud Limited in 1999 and changed name in 2006.</p


Arash history

The company developed the Farboud GT in 2001 which was launched at The Autosport Show held at the Birmingham NEC in 2001. He went on to design the Farboud GTS which was officially launched at the British Motorshow in London in 2004. At that time Chris Marsh was working with Arash as a Sales Representative. His background was that he was the son of Jen Marsh who co-founded Marcos cars with Mike Costin (Marsh+Costin=Marcos). Chris became enthusiastic about the Farboud GTS and Arash subsequently granted him a license to use the shape of the car and assist with the development in exchange for shares in the new car company. Chris subsequently simplified the design by substituiting the Aud RS4 based racing engine with a Ford V6.

He also changed some cosmetic features including the doors, windows and interior parts. After a dispute in 2005 Chris renamed the car “The Farbio”. This was to announce the Farboud car link to “biofuel” and fitted more with the brand rework. He originally attempted to call the car “The Fangio”, but there was push-back from the deceased Formula 1 drivers’ Argentine family regarding renumeration. Arash sold his shares of Farbio to Michael Simmonds. Arash continued as 100% shareholder of Farboud Ltd. This later became Arash Motor Co. The design and concept was later sold to Laurence Tomlinson of Ginetta fame who Kept the design and renamed the car the G50.


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