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Volvo logo 2021-present

Volvo logo

Volvo logo Volvo logo The Volvo logo is an iconic symbol that has been synonymous with safety and reliability for decades. The logo features a circle with an arrow pointing diagonally upwards to the right, resembling the male gender symbol. However, it is also known as the “shield and spear of Mars” due to its …

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Volkswagen logo 2020-present

Volkswagen logo

Volkswagen logo Volkswagen logo The Volkswagen logo is a circular badge that features a stylized “V” and “W” in white on a blue background. The “V” is placed on top of the “W” with both letters interlocking in a way that creates a sense of balance and symmetry. The letters are surrounded by a silver …

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Venturi logo 2013-present

Venturi logo

Venturi logo Venturi logo The Venturi Automobiles logo is a distinctive and recognizable design that reflects the company’s focus on innovation and luxury. The logo is oval in shape, with a red background and a gray outline. This gives the logo a bold and eye-catching appearance, making it easy to identify from a distance. Inside …

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Vector logo 1971-present

Vector logo

Vector logo Vector logo The Vector Motor logo consists of a horizontally-oriented triangle that points downwards. The triangle is colored in a shade of gray and has a smaller triangle inside it, colored in red. The smaller triangle is located towards the top of the larger triangle and is positioned at an angle, creating a …

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Vauxhall logo 2020-present

Vauxhall logo

Vauxhall logo Vauxhall logo The Vauxhall logo features a stylized representation of a griffin, which is a mythical creature that has the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. The griffin is depicted facing to the left, with its wings extended and its claws outstretched. The body of the griffin …

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Vandenbrink logo 2006-present

Vandenbrink logo

Vandenbrink logo Vandenbrink logo The Vandenbrink Design logo is a vertical square with chrome bars surrounding it, and the background of the square is red. The red background provides a bold and striking contrast to the chrome bars and the thin, parallel lines inside the square, which helps to draw attention to the logo and …

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UAZ logo 2016-present

Uaz logo

UAZ logo Uaz logo The UAZ logo features a circular shape with two lines that resemble wings extending from the sides of the circle, giving the impression of flight or speed. The circle is colored in dark green, which is often associated with nature and strength, while the lines are a lighter shade of green …

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TVR logo 2017-present

TVR logo

TVR logo TVR logo The TVR logo is a simple and elegant design that has remained largely unchanged since it was first introduced. The logo consists of the letters “TVR” in bold, capital letters, with the letters separated by multiple horizontal lines. The letters themselves are quite thick, with rounded corners that give them a …

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Troller logo 1995-present

Troller logo

Troller logo Troller logo The Troller logo is a simple yet bold representation of the brand. The letter “T” is the focal point of the logo, split diagonally with the left side lower and the right side higher, creating a dynamic and energetic feel. The tilt to the right suggests forward motion and progress, which …

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Tramontana logo 2005-present

Tramontana logo

Tramontana logo Tramontana logo The Tramontana logo is a sleek and modern design that incorporates an infinity sign within an oval shape, with the company name “Tramontana” written below in bold letters. The oval shape of the logo represents a sense of unity and completeness, while the infinity sign within it represents the limitless possibilities …

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