Electric car brands

The electric automotive market is rapidly growing and evolving, as more and more consumers and governments prioritize sustainability and emissions reduction.

Venturi logo 2013-present

Venturi logo

Venturi logo Venturi logo The Venturi Automobiles logo is a distinctive and recognizable design that reflects the company’s focus on innovation and luxury. The logo is oval in shape, with a red background and a gray outline. This gives the logo a bold and eye-catching appearance, making it easy to identify from a distance. Inside …

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Tesla logo 2003-present

Tesla logo

Tesla logo Tesla logo The Tesla logo is a simple yet elegant design that is instantly recognizable. The logo consists of a stylized letter “T” with a horizontal line above it. The line extends beyond the vertical portion of the “T” on both sides, creating a distinctive shape. At first glance, the logo may appear …

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Rimac logo 2022-present

Rimac logo

Rimac logo Rimac logo The logo of Rimac Automobili is a striking and modern design that reflects the company’s focus on advanced technology and high-performance electric cars. The logo features a shield shape with an integrated “R” in the center, which represents the Rimac brand. The “R” is designed to resemble a lightning bolt, which …

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Porsche logo 1963-present

Porsche logo

Porsche logo Porsche logo The Porsche logo is one of the most recognizable car logos in the world. It consists of a black horse on a yellow shield with red and black stripes on either side. The logo has remained virtually unchanged since its inception in 1952, and its meaning goes back to the origin …

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Mahindra logo 2021-present

Mahindra logo

Mahindra logo Mahindra logo The Mahindra logo is a simple yet striking design that reflects the company’s modern outlook and its focus on innovation. The logo consists of the letter “M” that is split in half, with each half facing in opposite directions. The letter “M” is designed with sharp, angular edges, giving it a …

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General Motors logo 2021-present

General Motors Logo

General Motors logo General Motors Logo The General Motors logo is a simple yet iconic design that has been used by the company for many years. The logo consists of a square box with rounded corners, with the lowercase letters “gm” in the center. Below the “m,” there is a horizontal line that extends to …

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