Italian car brands

Italian car brands are known for their style, passion, and performance, and have made significant contributions to the global automotive landscape

De Tomaso logo 2011-present

De Tomaso logo

De Tomaso logo De Tomaso Brand Overview Founded 1959 Founder Alejandro de Tomaso Headquarters Modena, Italy Official Website No official website De Tomaso Modena SpA is an Italian car manufacturer with a rich history of producing sports cars and luxury vehicles. The company was founded in 1959 by Alejandro de Tomaso, who was born in …

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Zagato logo present

Zagato logo

Zagato logo Zagato Brand Overview Founded 1919 Founder Ugo Zagato Headquarters Rho, Italy Official Website Zagato is an Italian coachbuilding company and design center that has been in operation since 1919. Based in Terrazzano, near Rho in Lombardy, the company has a rich history of designing and manufacturing beautiful and unique automobiles. Zagato is …

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Pininfarina logo 1930-present

Pininfarina logo

Pininfarina logo Pininfarina Brand Overview Founded 1930 Founder Battista (Pinin) Farina Headquarters Cambiano, Italy Official Website Pininfarina is a prestigious Italian car design and coachbuilding company with a rich history in the automotive industry. The company was founded in 1930 by Battista Pinin Farina, who changed his name to Battista Pininfarina in 1961. Since …

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Pagani logo 1992-present

Pagani logo

Pagani logo Pagani Brand Overview Founded 1992 Founder Horacio Pagani Headquarters San Cesario sul Panaro, MO, Italy Official Website Pagani Automobili S.p.A. is a high-end Italian car manufacturer known for producing some of the most exclusive and sought-after supercars in the world. Founded in 1992 by Horacio Pagani, an Argentinian engineer and designer, the …

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Maserati logo 2020-present

Maserati logo

Maserati logo Maserati Brand Overview Founded 1914 Founder Alfieri Maserati Headquarters Modena, Italy Official Website Maserati is an Italian luxury car manufacturer that has been in operation for over a century. Founded in 1914 by the Maserati brothers, the company started out as a small garage specializing in the production of spark plugs, engines, …

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Lancia logo 2007-present

Lancia logo

Lancia logo Lancia Brand Overview Founded November 27, 1906 Founder Vincenzo Lancia & Claudio Fogolin Headquarters Turin, Italy Official Website Lancia is a well-known Italian automotive brand that has a rich history of producing high-quality cars. The company was founded in 1906 by Vincenzo Lancia and Claudio Fogolin and has since been recognized for …

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Lamborghini logo 1998-present

Lamborghini logo

Lamborghini logo Lamborghini Brand Overview Founded 1963 Founder Ferruccio Lamborghini Headquarters Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy Official Website Lamborghini is a legendary Italian car manufacturer known for producing some of the world’s most high-performance luxury sports cars. The company was founded in 1963 by Ferruccio Lamborghini, an industrialist and businessman who was passionate about building the …

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Fiat logo 2020-present

Fiat logo

Fiat logo Fiat Brand Overview Founded 1899 Founder Luigi Damevino, Cesare Goria Gatti, Roberto Biscaretti di Ruffia, Carlo Racca, Emanuele Cacherano di Bricherasio, Michele Ceriana Mayneri, Lodovico Scarfiotti, Alfonso Ferrero Headquarters Lingotto, Turin, Italy Official Website Fiat, also known as Fabbrica Italiana di Automobili Torino, is one of the leading automotive manufacturers in Italy. …

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Ferrari logo 2002-present

Ferrari logo

Ferrari logo Ferrari Brand Overview Founded 13 September 1939 in Modena, Italy (as Auto Avio Costruzioni)as Ferrari 1947 Founder Enzo Ferrari Headquarters Maranello, Emilia-Romagna, Italy Official Website Ferrari is one of the world’s most well-known and respected car manufacturers, specializing in high-performance racing and sports cars. Founded in 1947 by Enzo Ferrari and Scuderia …

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DR Automobiles logo 2006-present

DR Automobiles logo

DR Automobiles logo DR Automobiles Brand Overview Founded 2006 Founder Massimo Di Risio Headquarters Macchia d’Isernia, Italy Official Website DR Automobiles Srl is an Italian car manufacturer founded in 2006. Despite being a relatively new player in the automotive industry, the company has made a name for itself by producing stylish cars that combine …

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