Luxury car brands

The luxury automotive market is a highly competitive and lucrative industry that is known for producing some of the world’s most exclusive and high-performance cars.

Lexus logo 1983-present

Lexus logo

Lexus logo Lexus logo The current Lexus logo features a stylized “L” that is integrated into an oval shape. The oval shape represents a steering wheel, while the “L” symbolizes the Lexus brand. The logo also includes the word “Lexus” in all-caps, which is positioned beside the oval shape. The entire logo is typically presented …

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Land Rover logo 1996-present

Land Rover logo

Land Rover logo Land Rover logo The Land Rover logo is instantly recognizable with its iconic green oval shape and bold brand name in the center. The green oval shape is a nod to Land Rover’s rich history of off-road capabilities and its association with nature and outdoor adventure. The color green is also associated …

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Lamborghini logo 1998-present

Lamborghini logo

Lamborghini logo Lamborghini logo The Lamborghini logo is one of the most recognizable logos in the world of high-performance cars. The logo features a charging bull, which is a symbol of power and strength. But there is more to the Lamborghini logo than just a powerful animal. The bull in the Lamborghini logo is actually …

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Lagonda logo 2010-present

Lagonda logo

Lagonda logo Lagonda logo The Lagonda logo features a shield-shaped emblem with wings on either side, all in a sleek chrome finish. In the center of the emblem, the word “Lagonda” is written in bold, stylized lettering. The design is classic and elegant, reflecting the brand’s long history of producing luxury cars. The emblem’s chrome …

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Koenigsegg logo 2020-present

Koenigsegg logo

Koenigsegg logo Koenigsegg logo The current Koenigsegg logo feature a shield shape, with a blue color outline. Inside the shield, there are mixed red-orange elements that resemble the old knight shields, which reflects the company’s commitment to producing high-performance sports cars fit for competition. The red-orange elements inside the shield also represent the passion, energy, …

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Jaguar logo 2012-present

Jaguar logo

Jaguar logo Jaguar logo The Jaguar logo is an iconic emblem that has gone through various iterations over the years. The latest version features a sleek, metallic chrome look that exudes modernity and luxury. The logo consists of a leaping jaguar above the brand name “Jaguar,” with the letters in a custom sans-serif font. The …

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Infiniti logo 2004-present

Infiniti logo

Infiniti logo Infiniti logo The Infiniti logo feature an oval shape with a stylized, cut-out arrow pointing upwards. The arrow represents the brand’s focus on forward-thinking and innovation. The oval shape is meant to represent a road stretching out into the horizon, emphasizing the brand’s emphasis on performance and driving experience. The Infiniti name is …

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Bugatti logo 2022-present

Bugatti logo

Bugatti logo Bugatti logo The Bugatti logo is one of the most recognizable automotive logos in the world. It features a stylized oval shape with the letters “EB” in the center, surrounded by an oval ring. The logo is simple and elegant, but it carries a deep meaning that reflects the history and values of …

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Bentley logo 1919-present

Bentley logo

Bentley logo Bentley logo The Bentley logo is one of the most recognizable in the automotive industry, and it has undergone several changes over the years. The logo consists of a stylized letter “B” with wings, often referred to as the “Flying B.” The origins of the logo can be traced back to the 1920s, …

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Audi logo 2016-present

Audi logo

Audi logo Audi logo The Audi logo is one of the most recognizable and iconic logos in the automotive industry. The logo consists of four interlocking rings, which are arranged in a specific pattern. The rings are colored in silver on a black background, and are designed to convey a sense of strength, stability, and …

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