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Opel logo 2020-present

Opel logo

Opel logo Opel logo The Opel logo is a striking and recognizable emblem that embodies the brand’s identity and values. It features a circular ring with a unique shape resembling a lightning bolt, which is laid out horizontally over the ring. The lightning bolt represents energy, dynamism, and forward-thinking, reflecting Opel’s commitment to innovation and …

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Fiat logo 2020-present

Fiat logo

Fiat logo Fiat logo The latest Fiat logo features a simple and clean design that exudes elegance and sophistication. The logo prominently displays the company’s name “Fiat” in large, bold letters. The letters are typically rendered in black color, creating a strong contrast against the background. Each letter in the Fiat logo is carefully crafted, …

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DKW logo 1949-1966

DKW logo

DKW logo DKW logo The triangular DKW design is a nod to the company’s early history and is similar to the logo used during DKW’s pre-war years. The Audi rings symbolize the company’s commitment to quality and innovation, while the words “Auto Union” reflect the company’s history as part of the Auto-Union group of companies. …

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BMW logo 2020-present

BMW logo

BMW logo BMW logo The BMW logo is a well-known symbol that represents the German automaker. The logo consists of a circle divided into four quadrants, with the letters “BMW” positioned diagonally across the quadrants. The circle itself represents a rotating propeller, a nod to BMW’s origins as an aircraft engine manufacturer. The blue and …

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