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Eicher logo 1948-present

Eicher logo

Eicher logo Eicher logo The Eicher logo is a visually striking representation of the brand’s identity and values. It features a red elongated circle, symbolizing dynamism and forward movement. Within the circle, there is a silhouette of a horse in motion, denoting strength, agility, and the spirit of speed. The horse silhouette in the Eicher …

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Dayun logo present

Dayun logo

Dayun logo Dayun logo Dayun Brand Overview Founded 1987 Founder / Headquarters Yuncheng, Shanxi, China Official Website Dayun Group is a Chinese conglomerate that specializes in the production of heavy trucks, light trucks, motorcycles, and engines. Based in Yuncheng, Shanxi, China, the company has subsidiaries that are involved in various aspects of the manufacturing …

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Zundapp logo 1917-1984

Zundapp logo

Zundapp logo Zundapp logo The Zündapp logo is a recognizable symbol of the brand’s legacy in the motorcycle industry. The logo consists of several distinct elements that together represent the company’s commitment to innovation, progress, and freedom.  The centerpiece of the Zündapp logo is an arrow, stylized as a lightning bolt. The arrow represents progress …

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Yamaha logo 1998-present

Yamaha logo

Yamaha logo Yamaha logo The Yamaha logo is one of the most recognizable logos in the world of motorcycles. It features a tuning fork placed in a circle, with the word “Yamaha” written in bold font underneath it. The tuning fork represents Yamaha’s roots in the music industry, as the company began as a piano …

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Piaggio logo 2015-present

Piaggio logo

Piaggio logo Piaggio logo The Piaggio logo is a simple yet iconic symbol that represents the company’s commitment to innovation, freedom, and overcoming obstacles. The logo features a stylized “spade” symbol enclosed in a hexagon, with the Piaggio name written in bold letters beneath it. The spade symbol is a reference to Piaggio’s roots in …

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Vespa logo 1946-present

Vespa logo

Vespa logo Vespa logo The Vespa logo is a simple yet iconic design that features the word “Vespa” in a stylized font. The letters are uppercase and spaced evenly, with a slight slant to the right. The font used for the logo is a custom design that has become closely associated with the Vespa brand. …

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Ural logo 1941-present

Ural logo

Ural logo Ural logo The Ural logo is a simple yet striking design that perfectly captures the rugged, adventurous spirit of the brand. The logo features a circular shape, which is divided into two parts. The top part of the circle features the words “Ural Motorcycles” in bold, uppercase letters, written in a sans-serif font. …

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Triumph logo 2013-present

Triumph logo

Triumph logo Triumph logo The Triumph logo is a classic and iconic emblem that has remained relatively unchanged for over a century. The logo features the word “Triumph” in stylized black letters, with the word “Motorcycles” sometimes included underneath in smaller letters. To the right of the text is the signature Triumph emblem, which is …

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Werner Motors logo 1897-1908

Werner Motors logo

Werner Motors logo Werner Motors logo The Werner Motors logo featured the company name “Werner” in a simple and elegant black font. Werner Motors Brand Overview Founded 1898 Founder Michel Werner, Eugene Werner Headquarters Paris, France Official Website No official website Werner Motors was a French motorcycle manufacturer founded by the Werner Brothers, Michel and …

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Royal Enfield logo 2014-present

Royal Enfield Logo

Royal Enfield logo Royal Enfield Logo The Royal Enfield logo has undergone several changes over the course of the company’s history. However, the current logo features the name “Royal Enfield” in bold capital letters in a stylish, eye-catching red color. The font used in the logo is a classic serif font, which gives it a …

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