Russian car brands

Russian car brands have a rich history and are known for producing sturdy, reliable vehicles that are well-suited for the country’s harsh climate and challenging terrain.

ZIL logo 1956-present

ZIL logo

Zil logo ZIL logo The logo of ZiL features the word “ZIL” in a stylized font, with a rectangular shape around it. The font used in the logo is typically in a light blue color, and is often surrounded by a silver or chrome outline. The rectangular shape around the “ZIL” lettering is meant to …

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UAZ logo 2016-present

Uaz logo

UAZ logo Uaz logo The UAZ logo features a circular shape with two lines that resemble wings extending from the sides of the circle, giving the impression of flight or speed. The circle is colored in dark green, which is often associated with nature and strength, while the lines are a lighter shade of green …

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Lada logo 2021-present

Lada logo

Lada logo Lada logo The current Lada logo features a simple oval shape with a stylized letter “L” in the center. The oval shape is meant to represent a steering wheel, while the metallic silver finish of the logo conveys a sense of modernity and quality. The letter “L” is designed to resemble a gear, …

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GAZ logo 2015-present

GAZ logo

GAZ logo GAZ logo The current GAZ logo features the company name in capital letters, and on top  Deer. The logo has a silver or chrome finish, giving it a sleek and modern look. This design was introduced in 2015 and is meant to symbolize the company’s dynamic growth and movement towards the future. GAZ …

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