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Lancia Information

Lancia was an Italian automobile manufacturer founded in 1906 by Vincenzo Lancia as Lancia & C.. It became part of the Fiat Group in 1969; the current company, Lancia Automobiles, was established in 2007.
The company has a strong rally heritage and is noted for using letters of the Greek alphabet for its model names.
Lancia vehicles are no longer sold outside Italy and comprise only the Ypsilon supermini range, as the late Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne foreshadowed in January 2014 until his death in 2018.

Lancia history

Lancia Automobiles S.p.a. is an Italian vehicles producer established in 1906 by Vincenzo Lancia which got to be some piece of the Fiat Group in 1969.The first Lancia logo was composed by Count Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia. The logo indicates a spear and shield with banner. (“Lancia” signifies “spear” in Italian.) The Turin auto storehouse is named after di Ruffia as Museo Nazionale dell’automobile “Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia”. The logo was overhauled in 2007.

The organization has a solid rally legacy and is noted for utilizing letters of the Greek letter set for its model names.

Lancia was established on 29 November 1906 in Turin by Vincenzo Lancia and his companion Claudio Fogolin, both being Fiat hustling drivers, as Lancia & C. The principal Lancia vehicles the “tipo 51” or 12 HP (later called Alfa) was made in 1907 and transformed from 1908. This auto had a little four chamber motor with a force of 58 bhp. In 1915 the Jota, Lancia’s first truck, seemed and there emulated an arrangement of Jota trucks. In 1937 Vincenzo kicked the bucket of a heart strike, and his wife Adele Miglietti Lancia and his child Gianni Lancia assumed control over the firm. They influenced Vittorio Jano to join Lancia as an architect. Jano had officially made a name for himself by building the Alfa Romeo 1750 Sport Alfa Romeo 6c, 2300, 2900, P2 Alfa Romeo P2 and P3 Alfa Romeo P3, probably the most fruitful racers of now is the ideal time.

Lancia is celebrated for some auto developments. These incorporate the 1913 Theta, which was the first preparation auto in Europe to characteristic a complete electrical framework as standard supplies. The principal auto with a monocoque-sort body – the Lambda, handled from 1922 to 1931 likewise offered ‘Sliding Pillar’ autonomous front suspension that joined the spring and water driven damper into a solitary unit (and emphasized on most creation Lancias until the Appia was supplanted in 1963). 1948 saw the initial 5 velocity gearbox to be fitted to a handling auto (Series 3 Ardea). Lancia debuted the first full-handling V6 motor, in the 1950 Aurelia, after prior industry-heading explores different avenues regarding V8 and V12 motor setups. It was additionally the first organization to transform a V4 motor. Additionally, Lancia spearheaded the utilization of autonomous suspension in creation autos, in a time where live axles were basic practice for both the front and back axles of an auto. They likewise created back transaxles which were fitted to the Aurelia and Flaminia ranges. The inventiveness, steady mission for incredibleness, the obsession of value, the difficulty of the development techniques and the antiqued apparatus implied that all autos basically must be hand-made. With little shared trait between the different models, the expense of generation kept on increasing broadly, while request did not.

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Lancia Logo - Lancia Emblem - Lancia Symbol
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Lancia Logo - Lancia Emblem - Lancia Symbol
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