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MG, the initials of Morris Garages, is a British automotive marque registered by the now defunct MG Car Company Limited, a British sports car manufacturer begun in the 1920s as a sales promotion sideline within W. R. Morris’s Oxford city retail sales and service business by the business’s manager, Cecil Kimber. Best known for its two-seat open sports cars, MG also produced saloons and coupés. Kimber was an employee of William Morris.

MG history

The MG Car Company Limited was a British sports auto maker established in the 1920s by Cecil Kimber. Best known for its two-seat open sports autos, MG likewise prepared cantinas and cars. Kimber was a worker of William Morris; MG are the initials for Morris Garages. The MG business was Morris’ close to home property until 1935 when he sold MG into his holding organization, Morris Motors Limited, rebuilding his possessions before issuing (inclination) experience Morris Motors to people in general in 1936. On 22 July 2005, the Nanjing Automobile Group obtained the rights to the MG brand and the advantages of the MG Rover Group for L53 million and made another organization, MG Motor.The first MG marque was in nonstop utilize (notwithstanding the years of the Second World War) for 56 years after its initiation. Creation of transcendently two-seater sports autos was aggregated at an industrial facility in Abingdon, exactly 10 miles (16 km) south of Oxford. The British Motor Corporation (BMC) rivalry office was likewise based at the Abingdon plant and processed numerous winning rally and race autos. In the fall of 1980, notwithstanding, the Abingdon processing plant shut and MGB generation stopped.

Between 1982 and 1991, the MG marque was restored on sportier renditions of Austin Rover’s Metro, Maestro and Montego ranges. After an interim of scarcely one year, the MG marque was restored once more, this time on the MG Rv8 – an overhauled MGB Roadster with a Rover V8 motor, which was transformed in low volumes.

A second restoration came in the hot time of year of 1995, when the high volume MG F two-seater roadster was propelled.

The MG marque passed, alongside the Rover marque, to the MG Rover aggregate in May 2000, when BMW “split up” the Rover Group. This plan saw the reappearance of MG identifications on sportier Rover-based autos, and an amended MG F model, known as the MG TF, propelled in 2002. Nonetheless, all generation stopped in April 2005 when MG Rover went into organization.

The benefits of MG Rover were purchased by Chinese carmaker Nanjing Automobile in July 2005 (therefore purchased by SAIC in December 2007), who now work a UK subsidiary, MG Motor.

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MG Logo - MG Emblem - MG Symbol
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MG Logo - MG Emblem - MG Symbol
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