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Lambretta logo 1947-present
Lambretta logo

The Lambretta logo features a custom typeface with the word “Lambretta” written in red color. The font has long lines along the edges of the letters, which can make it difficult to read at times. For instance, the letter “L” can be confused with a capital “I,” while a doubled “t” can be mistaken for a double “l.” Additionally, some versions of the logo have four stripes – two at the top and two at the bottom. The Lambretta logo is a simple yet stylish representation of the brand and its origin, inspired by the Lambro River that flows through the Milan factory.

Lambretta Brand Overview




Ferdinando Innocenti


Milan, Italy

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Lambretta is a historic Italian scooter brand, known for its iconic designs and contribution to the scooter culture. The company was founded by Ferdinando Innocenti, who initially started a steel pipe factory in the 1920s. However, due to the Second World War, Innocenti had to pivot and began producing affordable two-wheeled vehicles as a means of transportation for the masses. Lambretta quickly gained popularity in Italy and other European countries, becoming a symbol of freedom and mobility for the youth in the 1950s and 60s. The brand was known for its innovative designs, such as the iconic Model D, which was one of the most popular scooters of its time. Today, Lambretta continues to produce scooters with a mix of modern and vintage styles, appealing to both classic scooter enthusiasts and new riders looking for a stylish and convenient means of transportation.

Lambretta History

Lambretta is an iconic Italian scooter manufacturer that has a long and storied history. The brand was founded by Ferdinando Innocenti in 1947, but its origins can be traced back to the 1920s when Innocenti opened a steel pipe factory in Milan.

During World War II, Innocenti’s factory was destroyed, and he was forced to change direction. In 1942, he started producing affordable and practical two-wheeled vehicles that could be used to mobilize the population during the war. After the war, Innocenti saw an opportunity to continue producing scooters, which were becoming increasingly popular in Italy.

The first Lambretta scooter was introduced in 1947, and it quickly gained a reputation for being reliable, efficient, and stylish. Lambretta scooters became a symbol of the post-war Italian economic boom, and they were exported to countries all over the world.

Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, Lambretta continued to innovate and develop new models. The brand introduced a range of sports scooters and even a three-wheeled commercial vehicle called the Lambro.

However, the 1970s proved to be a challenging decade for Lambretta. The popularity of scooters was waning, and the brand struggled to compete with Japanese manufacturers who were producing cheaper and more reliable bikes. In 1972, the Innocenti family sold Lambretta to British Leyland, and production of Lambretta scooters in Italy ceased in 1975.

Despite the challenges, the Lambretta brand has endured, and it has remained a symbol of Italian design and engineering excellence. In recent years, Lambretta has been revived by a group of enthusiasts who are passionate about the brand’s heritage and are committed to producing high-quality scooters that honor its legacy.

Today, Lambretta offers a range of modern scooters that blend classic design with advanced technology. The brand’s scooters are stylish, practical, and perfect for urban commuting. Lambretta’s iconic logo, which features a leaping lamb, is instantly recognizable and has become a symbol of the brand’s enduring legacy.

Lambretta Logo 1947-present

Lambretta logo 1947-present
Lambretta logo 1947-present

Lambretta logo changes over the years

Lambretta logo 1947-present

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Lambretta logo
Lambretta symbol
Lambretta logo
Lambretta emblem
Lambretta logo
Lambretta logo

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