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Yamaha logo 1998-present
Yamaha logo

The Yamaha logo is one of the most recognizable logos in the world of motorcycles. It features a tuning fork placed in a circle, with the word “Yamaha” written in bold font underneath it. The tuning fork represents Yamaha’s roots in the music industry, as the company began as a piano manufacturer in 1887.

The tuning fork also has a deeper meaning, representing Yamaha’s commitment to precision and excellence in all of its products, including motorcycles. The tuning fork is symbolic of the company’s pursuit of perfect pitch and harmony, both in music and in engineering.

The circle around the tuning fork is another important element of the logo. It represents the company’s global presence and the unity of all Yamaha products, including motorcycles, musical instruments, and other products. The circle also represents a wheel, which is a nod to Yamaha’s history in the motorcycle industry.

The font used for the word “Yamaha” is bold and modern, with clean lines and no frills. This reflects the company’s focus on innovation and cutting-edge technology in its products. The use of all capital letters in the font also adds to the logo’s bold and powerful appearance.

Overall, the Yamaha logo is a simple yet powerful symbol of the company’s commitment to excellence, precision, and innovation in all of its products, including motorcycles.

Yamaha Brand Overview




Genichi Kawakami


Iwata, Shizuoka, Japan

Official Website

Yamaha is a Japanese motorcycle manufacturer that has been producing high-quality motorcycles since 1955. The company has a long history of innovation and has been responsible for a number of groundbreaking designs and technologies over the years.

Yamaha’s motorcycles are known for their exceptional performance, reliability, and quality. The company produces a wide range of motorcycles, from sleek and stylish sport bikes to powerful and rugged off-road models. Yamaha also produces a range of scooters and mopeds, which are popular with urban commuters.

In addition to its motorcycles, Yamaha is also involved in a number of other industries, including musical instruments, marine products, and power sports equipment. The company is committed to sustainability and is actively working to reduce its environmental impact through a range of initiatives and programs.

Yamaha History

Yamaha is a world-renowned motorcycle manufacturer with a rich history dating back over 65 years. The company has a reputation for producing high-quality motorcycles that combine innovation, style, and performance. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the history of Yamaha and its contributions to the world of motorcycling.

The Early Years

Yamaha was founded in 1955 by Genichi Kawakami, a visionary businessman who had a passion for motorcycles. The company’s first motorcycle, the YA-1, was a 125cc two-stroke single that was inspired by European motorcycles of the time. The YA-1 was an instant success and helped establish Yamaha as a serious contender in the motorcycle industry.

Over the years, Yamaha continued to innovate and introduce new models that pushed the boundaries of what was possible in motorcycle design. In the 1960s, Yamaha introduced the DT-1, a revolutionary off-road motorcycle that was capable of tackling rugged terrain. This model helped establish Yamaha’s reputation for producing high-quality off-road motorcycles that could perform in even the toughest conditions.

The Evolution of Yamaha Motorcycles

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Yamaha continued to innovate and introduce new models that helped establish the company as a leader in the motorcycle industry. During this time, Yamaha introduced a number of iconic models, including the XS650, a powerful and reliable street bike, and the iconic RD350, a two-stroke sport bike that was known for its speed and agility.

In the 1990s, Yamaha continued to push the boundaries of motorcycle design with the introduction of the YZF-R1, a high-performance sport bike that quickly became a favorite among riders and critics alike. The YZF-R1 was a game-changer, and it set the standard for sport bike design and performance for years to come.

Today, Yamaha continues to produce a wide range of motorcycles that appeal to riders of all levels and interests. From the sleek and stylish YZF-R6 to the rugged and versatile Super Ténéré, Yamaha has a motorcycle for every type of rider.

Innovation and Sustainability

Throughout its history, Yamaha has been committed to innovation and sustainability. The company is known for introducing new technologies and designs that have helped shape the motorcycle industry. Yamaha has also been actively working to reduce its environmental impact through a range of initiatives and programs.

One example of Yamaha’s commitment to sustainability is its use of electric motorcycles. Yamaha has been working on electric motorcycles for several years, and the company has introduced a number of electric models in recent years. These motorcycles are not only more environmentally friendly than traditional gasoline-powered models, but they also offer a number of benefits, such as reduced noise pollution and lower maintenance costs.

In conclusion, Yamaha is a motorcycle manufacturer with a rich history of innovation and quality. From its early days producing simple two-stroke models to its current lineup of high-performance sport bikes and versatile adventure motorcycles, Yamaha has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible in motorcycle design and technology. With a commitment to sustainability and a passion for motorcycles, Yamaha is sure to continue producing high-quality motorcycles for years to come.

Yamaha Logo 1955-1964

Yamaha logo 1955-1964
Yamaha logo 1955-1964

Yamaha Logo 1964-present

Yamaha logo 1964-present
Yamaha logo 1964-present

Yamaha Logo 1998-present

Yamaha logo 1998-present
Yamaha logo 1998-present

Yamaha logo changes over the years

Yamaha logo 1955-1964
Yamaha logo 1964-present
Yamaha logo 1998-present

Other logos from Yamaha

Yamaha Symbol
Yamaha Symbol
Yamaha logo
Yamaha symbol
Yamaha Emblem
Yamaha Emblem

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