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AMO ZiL, known fully as the Public Joint-Stock Company – Likhachov Plant and more commonly called ZiL, was a major Russian automobile, truck, military vehicle, and heavy equipment manufacturer that was based in Moscow, Russia.
The last ZiL vehicle was assembled in 2012. The company continues to exist only as real-estate development site, on which a new urban district will be built by the LSR Group construction company.

Zil history

Moscow Joint-Stock Company “The Likhachov Plant” AMO ZIL “Zavod imeni Likhachova”, all the more usually called ZILis a significant Russian truck and overwhelming supplies producer situated in the City of Moscow, which likewise delivered reinforced autos for most Soviet pioneers, and in addition transports, shielded battling vehicles, and aerosani. The organization likewise creates hand-assembled limousines and high-end extravagance vehiclesin to a great degree low amounts, fundamentally for the Russian government. ZIL traveler autos are evaluated at what might as well be called models from Maybach and Rolls-Royce, yet are to a great extent obscure outside the CIS and generation infrequently surpasses twelve autos for every year.

The industrial facility was established in 1916 as Avtomobilnoe Moskovskoe Obshchestvo. The arrangements were to deliver Fiat F-15 1.5 ton trucks under permit. On account of the October Revolution and the resulting Russian Civil War it took until 1 November 1924 to deliver the first vehicle, the AMO-F-15. In 1931 the plant was re-furnished and stretched with the assistance of the American A.j. Brandt Co., transformed its name to Automotive Factory No. 2 Zavod Imeni Stalina (ZIS or Zis). After Nikita Khrushchev upbraided the clique of identity of Joseph Stalin in 1956, the name was changed again to Zavod imeni Likhachova, after its previous executive Ivan Alekseevich Likhachov.

Zil paths street paths devoted to vehicles convey top Soviet authorities were named after the auto.

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Zil Logo - Zil Emblem - Zil Symbol
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Zil Logo - Zil Emblem - Zil Symbol
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