Chinese car brands

Chinese car brands have emerged as major players, offering innovative designs, advanced technologies, and competitive pricing.

Great Wall logo 1990-present

Great Wall logo

Great Wall logo Great Wall logo The logo of Great Wall Motors features a stylized image of the Great Wall of China, with a beacon tower and an arrow symbol called Janus. The logo is designed to convey a sense of strength, vitality, and readiness for action, all of which are qualities that Great Wall …

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Geely logo 2023-present

Geely logo

Geely logo Geely logo The Geely logo has gone through a few changes over the years. The current simplified logo, introduced in 2023, features a minimalist design that symbolizes a new era of technological products. The logo consists of a simple geometric shape that looks like a large car grille or a stylized “G” that …

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Chery logo 2013-present

Chery logo

Chery logo Chery logo The first version of Chery’s logo, which was used until 2001, prominently featured the letter “A” in a bold, italicized font. The letter was enclosed within a circle, with the word “Chery” spelled out in a smaller font beneath it. The color scheme was a vibrant combination of red and yellow, …

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Changan logo 2020-present

Changan logo

Changan logo Changan logo The old Changan logo, featuring a shield and a spear, symbolizes the company’s commitment to improving speed while maintaining safety. The shield represents protection and safety, while the spear represents speed and efficiency. Together, they represent Changan’s goal of producing vehicles that are both fast and safe. The new Changan logo, …

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BYD logo 2022-present

BYD logo

BYD logo BYD logo It is interesting to note that the abbreviation “BYD” in the logo stands for “Build Your Dreams”. This phrase conveys a message of optimism, encouragement, and aspiration, which are all qualities that BYD may wish to associate with its brand. The evolution of the BYD logo from a more standard design …

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Brilliance logo 2002-present

Brilliance logo

Brilliance logo Brilliance logo The Brilliance logo is a simple yet elegant design that embodies the company’s commitment to quality and innovation. The logo consists of a stylized letter “B” with a circle around it. The letter “B” is formed by two overlapping squares, with one square tilted at a slight angle to create a …

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