European car brands

European car brands are known for their unique designs, high-quality engineering, and advanced technology.

TVR logo 2017-present

TVR logo

TVR logo TVR logo The TVR logo is a simple and elegant design that has remained largely unchanged since it was first introduced. The logo consists of the letters “TVR” in bold, capital letters, with the letters separated by multiple horizontal lines. The letters themselves are quite thick, with rounded corners that give them a …

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Tramontana logo 2005-present

Tramontana logo

Tramontana logo Tramontana logo The Tramontana logo is a sleek and modern design that incorporates an infinity sign within an oval shape, with the company name “Tramontana” written below in bold letters. The oval shape of the logo represents a sense of unity and completeness, while the infinity sign within it represents the limitless possibilities …

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Spyker logo 1999-present

Spyker logo

Spyker logo Spyker logo The Spyker logo features a unique design that is instantly recognizable. The logo is circular and features a stylized airplane propeller with two blades that are set horizontally. The propeller blades are designed to resemble the letter “S” for Spyker, which is a clever way of incorporating the company’s name into …

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Smart logo 2002-present

Smart logo

Smart logo Smart logo The Smart logo is a distinctive and recognizable emblem that represents the brand’s focus on compact and innovative vehicles. The logo features a simple and clean design that incorporates several elements that are significant to the Smart brand. At the center of the logo is the word “smart,” written in lowercase …

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Skoda logo 2022-present

Skoda logo

Skoda logo Skoda logo The Skoda logo features a distinctive arrow-like shape with a wings on top of arrow. The shape is meant to represent the company’s long-standing tradition of producing innovative and high-quality vehicles. The wings symbolize freedom, speed, and the ability to soar to new heights, while the arrow shape represents forward momentum …

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Seat logo 2017-present

Seat logo

Seat logo Seat logo The SEAT logo is an iconic symbol that represents the company’s brand and identity. The logo is made up of two main components: a stylized letter “S” split in two and the wordmark “SEAT” below it. The stylized “S” is the focal point of the logo and has a dynamic and …

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Saab logo 2012-2014

Saab logo

Saab logo Saab logo The Saab logo is composed of a stylized griffin in the center, with a golden crown and blue background. The griffin is a mythical creature with the head of an eagle and the body of a lion, symbolizing the power and strength of Saab vehicles. The blue background represents the company’s …

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Ruf logo 1939-present

RUF logo

Ruf logo RUF logo The RUF logo features the company name spelled out in all caps with the letters connected to each other, giving the logo a distinctive and cohesive appearance. The letters are in a bold, darker green color, which is a nod to the company’s German roots and the lush greenery of the …

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Rover logo 2003-2005

Rover logo

Rover logo Rover logo The updated Rover logo features a captivating design that represents the brand’s rich heritage and its global presence. At the center of the logo is a stylized ship, outlined by thin lines, reminiscent of the elegant clipper ships that sailed the seas. The ship’s sail stands out prominently in a vibrant …

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Rolls-Royce logo 2020-present

Rolls Royce logo

Rolls Royce logo Rolls Royce logo The Rolls-Royce logo is one of the most recognizable and iconic logos in the world. It features two letter R, R intertwined in an elegant and graceful manner. The letters are surrounded by a thin, silver circle, which is flanked by two larger circles on either side. The larger …

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