American car brands

The American automotive industry has a long and rich history, with numerous American car brands emerging and evolving over the past century.

Cadillac logo 2021-present

Cadillac logo

Cadillac logo Cadillac logo The Cadillac logo has a rich history that dates back to its inception in 1905. The coat of arms design reflects the brand’s commitment to pioneering and leadership within the automotive industry. The logo consists of two main elements: the coat and the shield. The coat represents a traditional emblem of …

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Vector logo 1971-present

Vector logo

Vector logo Vector logo The Vector Motor logo consists of a horizontally-oriented triangle that points downwards. The triangle is colored in a shade of gray and has a smaller triangle inside it, colored in red. The smaller triangle is located towards the top of the larger triangle and is positioned at an angle, creating a …

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Troller logo 1995-present

Troller logo

Troller logo Troller logo The Troller logo is a simple yet bold representation of the brand. The letter “T” is the focal point of the logo, split diagonally with the left side lower and the right side higher, creating a dynamic and energetic feel. The tilt to the right suggests forward motion and progress, which …

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Tesla logo 2003-present

Tesla logo

Tesla logo Tesla logo The Tesla logo is a simple yet elegant design that is instantly recognizable. The logo consists of a stylized letter “T” with a horizontal line above it. The line extends beyond the vertical portion of the “T” on both sides, creating a distinctive shape. At first glance, the logo may appear …

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SSC logo 1998-present

SSC logo

SSC logo SSC logo The SSC logo features a modern and sleek design that reflects the company’s focus on high-performance and speed. The SSC logo is in the shape of a shield, which symbolizes strength, protection, and reliability. The inner part of the shield is divided into blue and white checkers, which are a nod …

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Scion logo 2003-2016

Scion logo

Scion logo Scion logo The Scion logo features a stylized “S” with sharp edges at the top and bottom, positioned in the center of an oval ring. The “S” is designed with three overlapping curves that create a three-dimensional effect, and it is colored in different shades of silver, with the darkest shade at the …

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Saleen logo 1983-present

Saleen logo

Saleen logo Saleen logo The Saleen logo features a combination of vertical red stripes and a custom sans-serif wordmark. The stripes are positioned on a white or black background and are of varying lengths and widths, creating a unique and dynamic look. The stripes are arranged in a way that resembles a road, evoking a …

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Pontiac logo 2004-2010

Pontiac logo

Pontiac logo Pontiac logo The Pontiac logo underwent several changes throughout the years, with the arrowhead being the most recognizable symbol associated with the brand. The arrowhead was introduced in 1956 and became the official logo of Pontiac in 1959. The arrowhead logo symbolizes speed, power, and direction, reflecting the sporty and performance-focused image of …

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Panoz logo 1989-present

Panoz logo

Panoz logo Panoz logo The Panoz logo is indeed a fascinating and intricate design that incorporates various elements and symbols. The cloverleaf, which is a common motif in Irish culture, reflects the Irish roots of the company’s founder, Dan Panoz. It is also a symbol of luck and prosperity, which may represent the company’s success …

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Oldsmobile logo 1996-2004

Oldsmobile logo

Oldsmobile logo Oldsmobile logo The Oldsmobile logo has gone through several changes over the years, but there are some consistent elements that have remained. The most iconic feature of the logo is the stylized rocket that is often associated with the brand. In the early versions of the logo, the rocket was more realistic, with …

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