American car brands

The American automotive industry has a long and rich history, with numerous American car brands emerging and evolving over the past century.

Mustang logo 1964-present

Mustang logo

Mustang logo Mustang logo The iconic Mustang logo has undergone several changes since the car was first introduced in 1964. The current logo features a galloping horse in chrome, set against a black background. Here’s what the logo represents: The Galloping Horse: The most recognizable feature of the logo is the galloping horse. The horse …

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Mosler logo 1985-2013

Mosler logo

Mosler logo Mosler logo Mosler Automotive, a former American supercar manufacturer, had a simple and straightforward logo that represented the brand’s identity. The logo was designed in a shield shape, which signifies strength, protection, and durability. The shield was painted in a bright yellow color, which further symbolizes energy, optimism, and intellect. The main focal …

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Lincoln logo 2012-present

Lincoln logo

Lincoln logo Lincoln logo The Lincoln logo is a distinctive and iconic emblem that has undergone several changes throughout its history. The current logo features a stylized cross that intersects a rectangular frame at four points, creating a sense of symmetry and balance. The cross is inspired by the historic emblem of the Knights Templar …

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Jeep logo 1970-present

Jeep logo

Jeep logo Jeep logo Jeep logo has gone through several changes over the years, and it no longer features the olive green color that it was originally associated with. Today, the Jeep logo is a simple, sleek design that features the word “Jeep” in all capital letters. The current Jeep logo was introduced in 1992, …

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Hummer logo 2021-present


Hummer logo Hummer Logo The Hummer logo features the word “HUMMER” in all-caps, bold font with a distinctive orange and black color scheme. The word is positioned between two diagonal stripes, with the upper stripe colored in orange and the lower stripe in black. The Hummer logo was designed to convey a sense of strength …

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Hennessey logo 1991-present

Hennessey logo

Hennessey logo Hennessey logo The Hennessey logo features the company name in stylized cursive lettering, written in a bright red color. The font used in the logo is elegant and sophisticated, with an emphasis on the letter “H” at the beginning of the name. The cursive style of the lettering adds a sense of fluidity …

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General Motors logo 2021-present

General Motors Logo

General Motors logo General Motors Logo The General Motors logo is a simple yet iconic design that has been used by the company for many years. The logo consists of a square box with rounded corners, with the lowercase letters “gm” in the center. Below the “m,” there is a horizontal line that extends to …

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GMC logo 2014-present

GMC logo

GMC logo GMC logo GMC logo features company name, letters  G M C in red color with gradient, black out stroke with silver-gray 3d edging. GMC Brand Overview Founded 1911 Founder William C. Durant Headquarters Detroit, Michigan, United States Official Website GMC, a division of General Motors, is a manufacturer that focuses on producing …

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Ford logo 1965-present

Ford logo

Ford logo Ford logo The Ford logo is one of the most recognizable logos in the world, featuring a blue oval with a white inner outline and the signature of company founder Henry Ford. The logo has undergone several modifications over the years, but the basic design has remained largely unchanged since it was first …

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Corvette logo 2019-present

Corvette logo

Corvette logo Corvette logo The Corvette logo has undergone several changes throughout its history, but the most recognizable and iconic version is the one introduced in 1953 and still in use today. It features a stylized representation of a checkered racing flag, with a red border and a black and white checked pattern in the …

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