Sports car brands

The world of sports cars is one filled with excitement, power, and adrenaline, and there are many legendary brands that have left an indelible mark on the automotive industry.

Ruf logo 1939-present

RUF logo

Ruf logo RUF logo The RUF logo features the company name spelled out in all caps with the letters connected to each other, giving the logo a distinctive and cohesive appearance. The letters are in a bold, darker green color, which is a nod to the company’s German roots and the lush greenery of the …

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Rimac logo 2022-present

Rimac logo

Rimac logo Rimac logo The logo of Rimac Automobili is a striking and modern design that reflects the company’s focus on advanced technology and high-performance electric cars. The logo features a shield shape with an integrated “R” in the center, which represents the Rimac brand. The “R” is designed to resemble a lightning bolt, which …

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Porsche logo 1963-present

Porsche logo

Porsche logo Porsche logo The Porsche logo is one of the most recognizable car logos in the world. It consists of a black horse on a yellow shield with red and black stripes on either side. The logo has remained virtually unchanged since its inception in 1952, and its meaning goes back to the origin …

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Panoz logo 1989-present

Panoz logo

Panoz logo Panoz logo The Panoz logo is indeed a fascinating and intricate design that incorporates various elements and symbols. The cloverleaf, which is a common motif in Irish culture, reflects the Irish roots of the company’s founder, Dan Panoz. It is also a symbol of luck and prosperity, which may represent the company’s success …

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Pagani logo 1992-present

Pagani logo

Pagani logo Pagani logo The Pagani logo is more than just a symbol; it represents the essence of the brand and its creator’s philosophy. The logo has remained unchanged since the company’s inception in 1992, and it features the full brand name, “PAGANI Automobili Modena,” in a silvery oval. The lettering is reduced and shifted …

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Noble logo 1999-present

Noble logo

Noble logo Noble logo The current version of the Noble Automotive logo features an oval shape with a black outer stroke line and a yellow background. Inside the oval, the word “Noble” is written in black uppercase letters, tilted to the right. On top of the oval shape, there is a small, stylized “NN”crown in …

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Mustang logo 1964-present

Mustang logo

Mustang logo Mustang logo The iconic Mustang logo has undergone several changes since the car was first introduced in 1964. The current logo features a galloping horse in chrome, set against a black background. Here’s what the logo represents: The Galloping Horse: The most recognizable feature of the logo is the galloping horse. The horse …

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Mosler logo 1985-2013

Mosler logo

Mosler logo Mosler logo Mosler Automotive, a former American supercar manufacturer, had a simple and straightforward logo that represented the brand’s identity. The logo was designed in a shield shape, which signifies strength, protection, and durability. The shield was painted in a bright yellow color, which further symbolizes energy, optimism, and intellect. The main focal …

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Morgan logo 2020-present

Morgan logo

Morgan logo Morgan logo The Morgan Motor Company logo is a distinctive emblem that reflects the company’s long and illustrious history. The emblem consists of a cross in the center, with wings on either side, and the word “Morgan” written across the center of the cross. The cross in the logo is known as the …

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McLaren logo 2012-present

Mclaren logo

McLaren logo Mclaren logo The McLaren logo is a simple yet powerful representation of the brand’s racing heritage and technological prowess. The logo features the company name “McLaren” in bold black letters, with a red-colored swoosh shape at the end of the text. This red shape is often referred to as the “McLaren Speedmark.” The …

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