Sports car brands

The world of sports cars is one filled with excitement, power, and adrenaline, and there are many legendary brands that have left an indelible mark on the automotive industry.

Ariel logo 2001-present

Ariel logo

Ariel logo Ariel logo The Ariel logo features a stylized letter “A” with a distinctive, swooping design. The logo is often accompanied by the words “Ariel Motor Company” in bold, sans-serif typeface. The design of the Ariel logo is meant to evoke a sense of speed and motion, with the swooping lines suggesting the movement …

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Arash logo 2006-present

Arash logo

Arash logo Arash logo The eagle is a symbol of strength and freedom, and its use in the Arash logo reinforces the idea of powerful and dynamic performance. The sweeping lines and curves of the logo are meant to evoke a sense of speed and agility, much like the cars that Arash produces. While the …

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AC - Auto Carriers logo 1996-present

AC logo

AC – Auto Carriers logo AC logo – Auto Carrier logo The AC logo features the letters “AC” in a stylized font. The logo’s design is simple and understated, reflecting the company’s commitment to classic automotive design and high-performance engineering. AC – Auto Carriers Brand Overview Founded 1901 Founder John Weller and John Portwine Headquarters …

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Abarth logo 2007-present

Abarth Logo

Abarth Logo Abarth Logo The Abarth logo features a stylized scorpion on a yellow and red background. The scorpion is a reference to founder Carlo Abarth’s astrological sign, Scorpio. The yellow and red color scheme is inspired by the colors of the city of Turin, Italy, where the company was founded. The Abarth brand is …

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