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Gilera is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer that was founded in 1909 by Giuseppe Gilera. Over the years, the company has established itself as a leader in the motorcycle industry, producing high-performance bikes that are designed for both on-road and off-road use.

In 1969, Gilera was purchased by Piaggio, another well-known Italian motorcycle manufacturer. Since then, the company has continued to produce top-quality bikes that are known for their reliability, performance, and innovative design.

Today, Gilera is recognized as one of the premier motorcycle brands in the world, with a loyal following of enthusiasts who appreciate the company’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Gilera History

Gilera is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer that has a long and storied history in the motorcycle industry. Founded in 1909 by Giuseppe Gilera, the company quickly established itself as a leader in the industry, producing top-quality bikes that were known for their performance, reliability, and innovative design.

Over the years, Gilera has produced a wide range of motorcycles, including both on-road and off-road models. Some of the company’s most notable bikes include the Gilera Saturno, a classic sports bike that was first introduced in the 1940s, and the Gilera CX, a sleek and futuristic-looking bike that was produced in the 1980s.

In 1969, Gilera was purchased by Piaggio, another well-known Italian motorcycle manufacturer. Under Piaggio’s ownership, Gilera has continued to produce high-quality bikes that are designed for both racing and street use. Today, the company is known for its innovative designs and commitment to performance, with a loyal following of enthusiasts who appreciate the company’s craftsmanship and attention to detail.

One of the things that sets Gilera apart from other motorcycle manufacturers is its commitment to racing. The company has a long history of success in racing, with its bikes dominating the competition in many events, including the Isle of Man TT and the MotoGP championship. Some of the world’s top riders have competed on Gilera bikes, including the legendary Geoff Duke and the great Valentino Rossi.

In recent years, Gilera has continued to innovate, producing new models that push the boundaries of what is possible in the motorcycle industry. One of the company’s most recent creations is the Gilera Runner, a scooter that combines style, performance, and practicality in a single package.

Overall, Gilera is a brand that is known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and performance. With a long history of producing top-quality motorcycles and a loyal following of enthusiasts around the world, Gilera is a brand that you can trust to deliver the performance and reliability that you need to take your riding to the next level.

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Gilera logo 1926-1934
Gilera logo 1934-1947
Gilera logo 1947-1954
Gilera logo 1954-1956
Gilera logo 1956-1993
Gilera logo 1993-1998
Gilera logo 1998-2007
Gilera logo 2007-present

Gilera logo Meaning

The Gilera logo features two circles with a black background intersecting in the Gilera text, with a red diamond shape behind it.

The two circles in the logo represent the wheels of a motorcycle, while the diamond shape behind the text adds a sense of depth and dimension to the design. The black background of the circles and text gives the logo a sleek and modern look, while the red diamond adds a bold pop of color that catches the eye.

The font used in the logo is a clean and modern sans-serif style, with bold, uppercase letters that convey a sense of strength and power. The letters are well-spaced and evenly proportioned, giving the logo a balanced and harmonious look.

Overall, the Gilera logo is a striking and memorable design that reflects the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation. The bold, modern font and dynamic visual elements make the logo instantly recognizable, while the black and red color scheme gives it a sense of sophistication and energy.

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