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George M. Hendee and Oscar Hedstrom


Medina, Minnesota, United States

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Today, Indian Motorcycle is owned by Polaris Inc., a leading American automotive manufacturer. The brand produces a range of cruiser, touring, and bagger motorcycles that are known for their classic styling and powerful engines. Indian bikes are also popular for their handling and comfort, making them ideal for long-distance touring.

Indian Motorcycle History

Indian Motorcycle is a historic motorcycle brand that has been in production for over a century. The brand has had a rich and fascinating history, starting with its origins in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1901.

The founding of Indian Motorcycle can be traced back to George M. Hendee, a successful cyclist who had won numerous races in the late 1800s. In 1897, Hendee retired from cycling and founded the Hendee Manufacturing Company, which produced bicycles.

In 1901, Hendee decided to enter the motorcycle market, and the company produced its first motorcycle prototype, which was powered by a 1.75 horsepower single-cylinder engine. The motorcycle was an instant success, and the company went on to produce a range of models with engines ranging from 1.75 to 4 horsepower.

In 1907, Oscar Hedstrom joined the company as its chief engineer, and he quickly made his mark by designing a new V-twin engine that was more powerful than any other motorcycle engine of the time. The engine was an instant success, and Indian Motorcycle became one of the most successful motorcycle brands of the early 20th century.

During World War I, Indian Motorcycle supplied motorcycles to the US military, and the company’s reputation for quality and reliability grew even stronger. In the 1920s, the company introduced a range of new models, including the Scout, which was designed to compete with Harley-Davidson’s popular Sportster model.

In 1923, the company changed its name to Indian Motocycle Company, and it continued to produce a range of popular models throughout the 1930s and 1940s. However, by the 1950s, the company’s fortunes began to decline, and it was eventually forced to cease production in 1953.

After a brief period of ownership by various investors, Indian Motorcycle was acquired by Polaris Industries in 2011. Polaris Industries is a leading American manufacturer of powersports vehicles, and the company saw the acquisition of Indian Motorcycle as an opportunity to revive the historic brand.

Under Polaris Industries ownership, Indian Motorcycle has been successfully revived, and the brand now produces a range of high-quality motorcycles that are known for their classic styling and powerful engines. Some of the most popular models in the Indian lineup include the Chief, the Chieftain, the Springfield, and the Roadmaster.

One of the standout features of Indian motorcycles is their engines, which are known for their power and performance. The brand produces a range of engines, including the Thunderstroke 111, which is a 1811cc V-twin engine that delivers 119 ft-lb of torque.

In addition to their powerful engines, Indian motorcycles are also known for their handling and comfort. The bikes are designed to be comfortable for long-distance touring, and they are equipped with a range of features such as cruise control, ABS, and keyless ignition.

Overall, Indian Motorcycle is a brand that has a rich history and a reputation for producing high-quality motorcycles. The brand has faced many challenges over the years, but it has continued to endure thanks to its commitment to quality and innovation. Today, Indian Motorcycle is a popular choice among motorcycle enthusiasts who value performance, comfort, and style.

Indian Motorcycle Logo 1901-present
Indian Motorcycle Logo present
Indian Motorcycle logo changes over the years
Indian Motorcycle logo 1901-present
Indian Motorcycle logo present

Indian Motorcycle logo Meaning

The Indian Motorcycle logo is a well-known symbol of the brand’s heritage and history. The logo has undergone several changes over the years, but it has remained recognizable and iconic.

The current Indian Motorcycle logo features a red and yellow image of a Native American headdress in the center. The headdress is surrounded by the words “Indian Motorcycle” in bold, capitalized letters.

The headdress in the logo is a traditional symbol of Native American culture and is a nod to the brand’s heritage. The feathers on the headdress are rendered in bright shades of yellow and red, which contrast with the black background and make the logo stand out.

The font used for the “Indian Motorcycle” text is bold and angular, giving the logo a strong and confident feel. The use of all capital letters also adds to the logo’s boldness and makes it easy to read from a distance.

Overall, the Indian Motorcycle logo is a classic and timeless design that effectively captures the brand’s heritage and history. The use of traditional Native American imagery and bold typography make the logo instantly recognizable and iconic.

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