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Zündapp was a major German motorcycle manufacturer that was founded in 1917 in Nuremberg by Fritz Neumeyer, Friedrich Krupp AG, and machine tool manufacturer Thiel. Initially, the company produced detonators for World War I, but as demand for weapons parts declined, Neumeyer became the sole proprietor of the company and diversified into motorcycle production in 1921.

Zündapp produced a wide range of motorcycles, including touring bikes, sport bikes, and mopeds, and became known for their reliable and durable engines. During World War II, the company also produced military motorcycles for the German army.

After the war, Zündapp resumed civilian motorcycle production and continued to innovate, introducing models like the iconic KS601, which featured an opposed-twin engine and shaft drive. In the 1950s and 60s, the company also produced popular scooter models like the Bella and the Falconette.

Unfortunately, Zündapp struggled financially in the 1970s, and attempts to modernize their product line were unsuccessful. The company eventually went bankrupt in 1984, bringing an end to a storied history of German motorcycle manufacturing.

Zundapp History

Zündapp, also known as Zuendapp, was a major German motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1917 in Nuremberg by Fritz Neumeyer, together with Friedrich Krupp AG and machine tool manufacturer Thiel under the name “Zünder- und Apparatebau G.m.b.H.” The company originally produced detonators for weapons during World War I.

In 1919, as the demand for weapons parts declined after the war, Neumeyer became the sole proprietor of the company and started diversifying into the construction of motorcycles. The first Zündapp motorcycle, the Z22, was launched in 1921, and it featured a 211cc two-stroke engine. The Z22 was followed by other models, such as the K-series, which were popular among riders in Germany and other parts of Europe.

During World War II, Zündapp produced military motorcycles for the German army, including the KS 750, which was widely used in the war effort. After the war, Zündapp resumed its production of civilian motorcycles and expanded into the microcar, moped, and scooter markets.

One of Zündapp’s most iconic motorcycles was the KS 601, which was launched in 1951. The KS 601 featured a 598cc four-stroke flat twin engine, and it was known for its durability and reliability. The KS 601 was produced until 1957, and it was a popular choice for touring and long-distance riding.

In the 1960s, Zündapp faced stiff competition from Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, and the company struggled to keep up with the rapidly changing market. Despite efforts to modernize and diversify their product line, Zündapp’s sales declined, and the company eventually went bankrupt in 1984.

Today, Zündapp motorcycles are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts, and the company’s legacy lives on through various Zündapp clubs and museums around the world.

Zundapp Logo 1917-1984
Zundapp logo changes over the years
Zundapp logo 1917-1984

Zundapp logo Meaning


The Zündapp logo is a recognizable symbol of the brand’s legacy in the motorcycle industry. The logo consists of several distinct elements that together represent the company’s commitment to innovation, progress, and freedom.

The centerpiece of the Zündapp logo is an arrow, stylized as a lightning bolt. The arrow represents progress and growth, symbolizing the company’s constant drive towards innovation and improvement. The bold, upward-pointing direction of the arrow suggests movement and success, reflecting Zündapp’s dynamic and forward-thinking approach to design and engineering.

The arrow is set against a background of wings, a common motif in motorcycle logos that signifies speed, agility, and freedom. The wings in the Zündapp logo are elegantly stylized, with subtle curves and lines that suggest motion and dynamism. The wings give the logo a sense of energy and movement, capturing the thrill and excitement of riding a Zündapp motorcycle.

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