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Aprilia logo 1945-present
Aprilia logo

The Aprilia logo is a simple yet elegant design that has become instantly recognizable to motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide. It consists of a red rectangular box with the word “Aprilia” written in white, lowercase letters inside the box.

The use of a red box is a bold choice that gives the logo a strong and powerful presence. Red is often associated with passion, energy, and excitement, all of which are emotions that can be associated with the thrill of riding a motorcycle. The rectangular shape of the box also gives a sense of stability and strength, which reinforces the image of a reliable and high-quality brand.

The word “Aprilia” is written in a simple, sans-serif font that is easy to read and immediately recognizable. The use of lowercase letters in the logo gives a sense of approachability and informality, which is in line with the brand’s philosophy of making motorcycles that are fun and accessible to all.

The font used in the logo is clean and modern, with no unnecessary flourishes or embellishments. This simplicity reinforces the brand’s focus on cutting-edge technology and innovation, as well as its commitment to quality and performance.

Overall, the Aprilia logo is a highly effective design that perfectly captures the brand’s personality and values. Its simplicity and boldness make it instantly recognizable, while its modern and clean design gives a sense of innovation and quality. The use of red and lowercase letters also adds a touch of excitement and approachability, which is a perfect fit for the brand’s image.

Aprilia Brand Overview




Alberto Beggio


Noale, Italy

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Aprilia is an Italian motorcycle and scooter manufacturer that was founded in 1945 in Noale, Italy. It started as a bicycle assembly business and later became a major motorcycle company under the leadership of Ivano Beggio. The company is currently a subsidiary of the Piaggio Corporation, which acquired it in 2004.

Aprilia has a rich history in motorcycle racing and has won numerous championships and races in various categories. The company has produced a wide range of motorcycles, including racing, road, and lightweight custom enduro bikes, as well as scooters. Aprilia has a reputation for producing high-performance motorcycles and has been the choice of many world champions over the years.

Aprilia History

Aprilia is an Italian motorcycle and scooter manufacturer with a rich history in the industry. Founded in 1945 by Alberto Beggio in the city of Noale, Italy, the company started as a bicycle assembly business. It wasn’t until twenty-three years later, when his son Ivano Beggio took over, that the company’s focus shifted to motorcycles.

Ivano Beggio introduced the company’s first motorcycle with a 50 cubic centimeter engine, marking the start of Aprilia’s foray into the motorcycle industry. The first models were called Packi, Daniela, and Colibri. Aprilia continued to develop its motorcycles and released the Scarabeo motocross bike in the late 1970s. The Scarabeo was equipped with 50 and 125 cubic centimeters motors and became a popular choice for off-road enthusiasts.

The 1980s saw Aprilia expanding its product range by introducing several new series of motorcycles, including the TL320, ST 125, STX, and ET 50. These models were designed for both racing and everyday use and showcased the company’s ability to produce motorcycles with improved characteristics.

In 1985, Aprilia began producing engines for the Austrian company Rotax. A year later, the company released the compact model AF1 and a larger model designed for large-scale races like the Dakar Rally. In the same year, Aprilia also had its athlete, Philippe Berlatier, who finished fifth in the trial championship. Another Aprilia racer, Loris Reggiani, won sixth place in the World Road Rally Championship while racing the Aprilia GP 250.

The company continued to expand its presence in the racing world, winning the Grand Prix 124 times on motorcycles with large capacity engines (125 and 250cc) after a series of brilliant victories in the 1992 World Road and Trawl Championships. Aprilia also has 15 high-profile titles in the Road Racing World Championship and 16 in speed rallies in Europe. This impressive record has helped to establish the Aprilia emblem as a symbol of excellence in the motorcycle industry.

Aprilia’s success can be attributed to its dedication to producing high-performance motorcycles. The company has been the choice of many world champions over the years, and most of the world champions have performed on Aprilia motorcycles. In the 1990s, Aprilia expanded its product line to include scooters, which have become popular in urban areas.

Today, Aprilia is a subsidiary of the Piaggio Corporation, which acquired it in 2004. The company continues to produce motorcycles and scooters, focusing on high-performance bikes designed for both racing and everyday use. The Aprilia emblem is recognized worldwide as a symbol of excellence in the motorcycle industry, and the company’s dedication to producing high-quality motorcycles has made it a popular choice among riders of all levels.

Aprilia Logo 1945-present

Aprilia logo 1945-present
Aprilia logo 1945-present

Aprilia logo changes over the years

Aprilia logo 1945-present

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Aprilia logo
Aprilia logo
Aprilia logo
Aprilia logo

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