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Escorts Kubota logo 2022-present

Escorts logo

Escorts logo Escorts logo Escorts Brand Overview Founded 1944 Founder Har Prasad Nanda and Yudi Nanda Headquarters Faridabad, fb, India Official Website Escorts Limited is an Indian multinational conglomerate that operates in the sectors of agricultural machinery, construction machinery, material handling, and railway equipment. The company was launched in 1944 and has its headquarters …

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Digitrac logo 2019-present

Digitrac logo

Digitrac logo Digitrac logo Digitrac Brand Overview Founded 2019 Founder Escorts Limited Headquarters Faridabad, fb, India Official Website While Escorts Limited is a well-known name in the Indian agricultural machinery industry, it has recently launched a new sub-brand of tractors called Digitrac. These tractors are designed to cater to the needs of small and …

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Deutz Fahr logo present

Deutz Fahr logo

Deutz Fahr logo Deutz Fahr logo Deutz Fahr Brand Overview Founded 1968 Founder Johann Georg Fahr Headquarters Lauingen, Bavaria, Germany Official Website Deutz-Fahr is a well-known German agricultural machinery manufacturer that was established in 1968 after the acquisition of the majority of share capital in FAHR by the Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz AG (KHD) group. FAHR was …

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Captain logo present

Captain logo

Captain logo Captain logo Captain Brand Overview Founded 1994 – as Asha Exim Pvt Ltd Founder G.T. Patel and M.T. Patel Headquarters Rajkot, Gujarat, India Official Website Captain Tractors Private Limited is a well-known tractor manufacturer based in Gujarat, India. The company was founded in 1994 as Asha Exim Pvt Ltd by G.T. Patel …

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AutoNxt symbol

AutoNxt logo

AutoNxt logo AutoNxt logo AutoNxt Brand Overview Founded 2016 Founder Kaustubh Dhonde (Founder & CEO), Pankaj Goyal (Founder), Pushpa Dhonde (Co-Founder) Headquarters Mumbai, India Official Website AutoNxt Automation is a relatively new tractor manufacturer founded in 2016 in Mumbai, India. The company is focused on developing cutting-edge automation technology for the agriculture industry. The …

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ACE tractor logo 1995-present

ACE logo

ACE logo ACE logo ACE Brand Overview Founded 1995 Founder Vijay Agarwal Headquarters Faridabad, India Official Website ACE Tractor is a tractor brand produced by Action Construction Equipment Ltd, a leading Indian manufacturer of material handling and construction equipment. The company has been in operation since 1995 and has eight manufacturing sites in Faridabad, …

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Mahindra logo 2021-present

Mahindra logo

Mahindra logo Mahindra logo The Mahindra logo is a simple yet striking design that reflects the company’s modern outlook and its focus on innovation. The logo consists of the letter “M” that is split in half, with each half facing in opposite directions. The letter “M” is designed with sharp, angular edges, giving it a …

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Lamborghini logo 1998-present

Lamborghini logo

Lamborghini logo Lamborghini logo The Lamborghini logo is one of the most recognizable logos in the world of high-performance cars. The logo features a charging bull, which is a symbol of power and strength. But there is more to the Lamborghini logo than just a powerful animal. The bull in the Lamborghini logo is actually …

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Ford logo 1965-present

Ford logo

Ford logo Ford logo The Ford logo is one of the most recognizable logos in the world, featuring a blue oval with a white inner outline and the signature of company founder Henry Ford. The logo has undergone several modifications over the years, but the basic design has remained largely unchanged since it was first …

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